Knight Family Honey started with 2 colonies in 2001 inspired by a picture that Lee had seen of his Great grandparents tending to a swarm of honeybees.

Knight Family Honey has since grown from a mere 2 colonies placed on a friends pumpkin patch to a thriving apiary of over 500 colonies which are located throughout Utah where there are pumpkins, raspberries, alfalfa fields and russian olive trees.

Since 2001 the goal of Knight Family Honey is to produce “the valleys finest honey”, unique in quality and flavor; that has continued to drawn customers to return to the local farmer’s markets where Lee, with the help of his family have, sold their honey.

In the fall of 2006, Lee and his wife April introduced their, now famous, Honey Butter; where fans of excited customers return to the Knight Family Honey booths’ week after week.

The pollinations of pumpkins and other specialty crops in Utah are not the only crops that we pollinate. Knight Family Honey also transports there colonies of honeybees 800 miles to the San Joaquin Valley in California where almond growers need the bees to pollinate there acres of blooming almond trees.

Lee receives his greatest rewards while ‘working the bees’. There is a satisfaction in knowing that someone is savoring the taste of the “valleys finest honey” products that came from Knight Family Honey.

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