Last year I bought a nuc from another source they did just ok. At the same time I bought a package from Lee. It was in a new hive, no drawn comb. That hive went crazy. I will only buy from Lee from now on.
Also he has time to talk and answers questions on the phone. What great customer service
--Kent Hedenstrom

I just wanted to thank Lee Knight and Neil Shelly for providing me with with the information I needed to get my beehives off and running smoothly. I appreciated there common sense approach to beekeeping and I am grateful for there eagerness in assisting me and the others in our different beekeeping stages. It was also very helpful getting both Lee and Neil's different points of view. The class was very thorough and I can't imagine having had such a good experience with my bees if I hadn't attended your class.
-- Mayra King

I was very impressed with the time you spent with me on the phone. Your understanding of Honey Bees is impressive and was welcomed! I hope to have more conversations with you in the future. Lee is very
approachable and eager to help. I highly recommend him as a beekeeper, honey & bee package supplier.
-- Albert Chubak
Utah Bee Removal

Thank you Lee for getting us our bees – especially with the short notice I gave you.  The bees were very healthy and the experience was very pleasant.  I will always use you for my bee needs and will be referring to other bee keepers.  Thanks again ?
-- Steve Kolarik

I bought some of your honey yesterday at the farmers market, and I just thought I would email you and tell you that it really is the best honey I have ever tasted, in the world! So thanks 4 the honey, and best luck and skill always!
-- Ian Bathelt, Sandy, UT

Hi there-- 
I have never really liked honey before, but a friend of mine suggested I start eating a teaspoon everyday to combat my seasonal allergies. Well, I bought a $5 bottle at the market last weekend, and I am obsessed! I put it on cracked pepper-flavored water crackers and LOVE IT! Thank you so much for this great product!
 -- Lauren

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