Knight Family Honey offers a kit with only the items you will need to be successful.  With the highest quality wood-ware and beekeeping equipment available.  Order all of your beekeeping needs once through the Truckload Sale Event!

Deep Add-A-Hive Kit

    • 1-Bee Green Top Cover. ( Dipped in Pine Resin and 100% Beeswax)
    • 3-Deep Ponderosa Pine Boxes, w/10 Wood Frames and Plastic Foundation. ALL ASSEMBLED, Joints glued with 1-1/2" staples  
    • 1-Bee Green Bottom Board (Dipped in pine resin and 100% beeswax)
    • 1-1 Gallon Feeder Bucket w/Sugar Syrup and Essential Oils   
    • 1-Protein Pollen Patty W/17-Essential Oils, Amino Acid, Vitamin, & Minerals.  
    • 1-Entrance Reducer